Japan's Lyndon LaRouche?

"Jesus" Matayoshi stood for a seat in the Upper House of the Japanese Parliament in the July 2004 election as a candidate of the "World Economic Cooperation Party." In Japan, publicly funded posters placed on large plywood boards across the district are the easier way to reach voters. This is Mr. "Jesus" Matayoshi's poster.

After the Upper House Election, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi should hand the seat of the Prime Minister to Jesus Matayoshi, the one true God. If he cannot, he should cut his belly and die. Jesus Matayoshi, the one true God, will throw him into the fiery depths of hell. The reason is that before you kill another person you should die yourself. The same goes to those voters who do not vote for Jesus Matayoshi, the one true God. You will understand the specific reason in election advertisements.

* * *

Off his medication and out of therapy? Too much money and bored? Either way, Mr. Matayoshi came in last of 14 candidates with more than seven thousand votes.

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